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  • Aydınlı Group

    Aydınlı Group was founded in 1965 by establishing Kavurmacı Brothers Collective Company and opened its first store in Fatih, Istanbul under the name of ''Aydınlı Local Goods''.

    The 70s were the years when growth accelerated through the start of multi-floor retailing, wholesale of women's and men's products under Aydınlı brand, establishment of the first workshop and reaching up to 200 dealers.

    In 1989, AYDINLI HAZIR GİYİM SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş. was established and its production facilities equipped with high technology started their activities in 1990.

    The 90s is an important period for the group since international agreements were signed during it. The growth was accelerated through signing agreements with Pierre Cardin in 1993, Cacharel in 1995 and U.S. Polo Assn. in 1997.

    The 2000s are the years in which the group became the only representative of these brands in the near geography and carried its success in Turkey to the international arena, and further grew its retailing activities in Turkey and abroad.

    Today, Aydınlı Group has more than 3800 employees and is one of the greatest ready wear retailers in the near geography, not only in Turkey.

    Aydınlı Group which adopts the good quality service principle, cares about the universal values, is aware towards the environment during production and structured according to world standards via the customer oriented business system, has carried its success in the ready wear sector to the construction sector and led the way in Turkey by realizing the Solarkent project where electricity is generated from solar energy. It reinforced its existence in this sector by the Koru Florya Project and brought a different point of view to the construction sector via Vadi Istanbul Project. Aydınlı Group continues to add value to the country's economy through investments in ready wear retailing and construction, and new projects.

    Pierre Cardin which is the first brand to join the group in 1993 is a ready wear brand founded in France in 1950. Pierre Cardin prepares collections that are appreciable in every field of life, presents functionality and variety for elegant and stylish gentlemen who care about healthy lifestyle and sports, and unites the quality and comfort with its strength and mastership in design and is the pathfinder in fashion for men who are self-confident and socialize with a stylish elegance in every environment.

    The history of Cacharel which joined the group in 1995 goes back to 1962. Today it is accepted as the symbol of elegance, modernism and classy wear art all over the world. Cacharel has adopted a good quality appearance which is different in design and supports its elegant look by functional details. The brand is the indispensable preference of free, traveler, explorer and sophisticated men who know what they want and care about quality and design in details.

    U.S. Polo Assn. was established in America in 1890 and is the representative of the polo sport in America and Canada. The brand was born from the polo sport which was known as the sport of kings and nobles and carries the inspiration taken from this sport and life style to its collections. The classic U.S. Polo Assn. colors and emblem support this style and reflect the spirit of the sport. U.S. Polo Assn. appeals to women, men and children from all ages with its unique, comfortable and elegant models and is the favorite brand of both the youth and families.

    Aydınlı Group is the owner or licensor of these 3 international brands and represents U.S. Polo Assn. in 57 countries, Cacharel in 17 countries and Pierre Cardin in 13 countries.

    Aydınlı Hazır Giyim Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. ranked 208th in the research of Fortune 500 on the biggest companies in Turkey in 2014, and in 2015 it raised by 9 ranks and ranked 199th. Aydınlı Group ranks 6th among the companies of the sector in Turkey.

    Pierre Cardin

    The brand has directed the world's fashion with its innovations and extraordinary designs and has become the greatest fashion empire.

    Pierre Cardin is one of the world's most accepted commercial brands via its 650 different product license in 140 countries. Pierre Cardin meets its consumers via 74 stores in Turkey in men's ready wear retailing and 21 department stores, and in addition it is represented by Aydınlı Group in almost 60 product groups from carpet to wedding dress, from home textile to furniture through international cooperations in 13 countries. Its operations are managed in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Northern Cyprus, Iran, Nigeria and Albania.


    Cacharel was established by Jean Bousquet in 1962 and won the Export Oscar 5 years after designing the famous crepe blouse.

    Cacharel is a very strong brand in the international arena via its expertise in technology, integrated production facilities and sale points at the best quality shopping centers and streets in the world.

    Today it is accepted as the symbol of elegance, modernism and classy wear art all over the world. Cacharel which joined the group in 1995 has been successfully managed for 21 years by Aydınlı Group in 17 countries.

    Aydınlı Group is the owner of brand rights in men's ready wear field in Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Lebanon.

    U.S. Polo Assn.

    U.S.P.A. has been established in America in 1890 and is the official administrative organ of the Polo sport in America and Canada. Its mission is to gather the polo lovers all over the world, bring together sincere players who are loyal to this sport and establish a U.S.P.A. team.

    For more than one hundred years, the players who devote themselves to the polo sport and the audience who wants to experience the excitement of the sport, come together via U.S. Polo Assn. and make a coalition.

    The brand which was born from the polo sport known as the sport of kings directs the fashion through the inspiration taken from the sport.

    The brand which joined Aydınlı Group in 1997 and entered the Turkish market presents its elegant, colorful and sportive collections that appeal to all ages and fractions in almost 200 points in Turkey and 38 countries in the world.