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    1. 1960

      1965 Kavurmacı Kardeşler Koll. Şti. was established. First store was opened in Fatih, Istanbul under the name of "Aydınlı Local Goods".

    2. 1970

      1974 Multi-floor store was opened in Fatih, Istanbul.

      1975 Contract manufacturing started in women's product groups (topcoat, skirt, coat) under Aydınlı brand.

      Wholesale activities started.

      1976 Contract manufacturing started in men's product groups under Aydınlı brand.

      Number of dealers reached to 200 in those years when garment industry started to newly develop.

      1977 First workshop was founded in order to start production within the company.

    3. 1980

      1984 Aydınlı Fabrics store was opened in Sultanhamam, Istanbul and dealership of three important fabrics companies such as Yünsa and Altınyıldız was obtained.

      1987 Aydınlı Group founded its production facilities in order to develop and strengthen its connections in export based on its experience in production.

      Moving from Fatih to the 3-storey showroom in Osmanbey.

      1989 Aydınlı Hazır Giyim San. ve Tic. A.Ş. was established.

    4. 1990

      1990 Aydınlı Production Facilities were established and equipped with the latest technology and technical equipment as compared to the available conditions of Turkey in those days; production activities started with a production capacity of 300 jackets, 400 trousers and 400 shirts per day.

      80% of the products were allocated for export.

      1991 A 7-floor store of 1,000 m² was opened in Bakirkoy.

      1993 Agreement was signed with the world-famous French company Pierre Cardin and Turkish licensorship of Pierre Cardin Men's Wear was obtained.

      1994 First Pierre Cardin store was opened in Istanbul Galleria Shopping Center.

      1995 License of Cacharel which is the pioneer brand of men's wear in the world was obtained.

      Aydınlı facilities were renewed. The daily production capacity of the renewed facilities became 900 jackets, 1000 trousers and 1000 shirts.

      1997 The fast growing company signed a license agreement with U.S. Polo Assn.

      One of Germany's most popular brands Becon was purchased.

      1998 The 3,000 m² Aymerkez Multi-Floor Store was opened in Gaziantep.

    5. 2000

      2003 The 24,000 m² Aymerkez Multi-Floor Store was opened in Buyukcekmece, Istanbul.

      2004 Agreement which expanded the license area was signed with Cacharel regarding Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Iran and Turkic Republics.

      Number of stores reached 50 inland and 10 abroad.

      2005 Strategic partnership was established with Pierre Cardin regarding Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria and responsibility of selling and marketing licenses of all product groups was taken.

      Became the exclusive licensor of Pierre Cardin in Russia and Ukraine regarding women's-men's-children's ready wear products.

      For the U.S. Polo Assn. brand, a sub-license agreement was signed with Ves Leather company regarding women's shoes and bag product groups.

      Number of stores reached 70 inland and 20 abroad.

      2006 For U.S. Polo Assn. brand, a sub-license agreement was signed with Troy company regarding corporate promotional products.

      Number of stores reached 120 inland and 40 abroad.

      A sub-license agreement was signed with 10 separate companies for Pierre Cardin product groups.

        - Men's-Women's shoes, women's bags

        - Tie-scarf-beret-cuff link

        - Men's-Women's leather belt, wallet and accessories

        - Shawl, kerchief

        - Travel bags, suitcases, umbrellas

        - Men's-Women's socks

        - Women's dowry set

        - Women's underwear

        - Men's underwear

        - Men's-Women's swimwear

      2007 License and marketing right of Pierre Cardin carpet all over the world was given to Aydınlı. Within the license agreement made with Royal Carpet of Naksan Group; Royal Carpet became the sub-licensor of Pierre Cardin Carpet.

      For Pierre Cardin home textile group; license rights of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and South Africa were granted to Aydınlı in addition to Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria. Sub-license agreement was made with Zorlu Group.

      Sub-license agreement was made with Özkar Furniture Company.

      For Pierre Cardin furniture product group; furniture license marketing right was granted to Aydınlı in Russia, Ukraine, Turkic Republics, Middle East, North Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya; other than Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria.

      License agreement was signed with Cacharel for 20 East European countries.

      Number of stores reached 170 inland and 60 abroad.

      For U.S. Polo Assn. brand,

        - Sub-license agreement was signed for home textile, men's-women's underwear and swimwear products with Aydin Weaving,

        - Sub-license agreement was signed for leather products such as bag, suitcase, belt with Aksender Leather.

      The 4,000 m² Aymerkez Multi-Floor Store was opened in Gaziosmanpasa, Istanbul.

      2008 Direct investments of Aydınlı started in international retailing field. Modium Russia and Modium Ukraine were established. 6 stores in Russia and 4 stores in Ukraine were opened. Offices and showrooms in Russia and Ukraine were opened.

      Companies were established in Romania and Kazakhstan and stores were opened.

      Today, more than 3500 Aydınlı employees are proud of transforming their efforts into elegance in the field of ready wear which is the first investment of the group. As of today, the daily production capacity of Aydınlı is 1200 jackets, 1800 trousers, 400 coats/toppers and 2400 shirts.

    6. Today

      Our target is to be one of the most important 3 players in the world retailing league.

      90% of the production is realized in Turkey.

      As a group, our consolidated ready wear turnover in 2015 is 761 million TL.