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  • Training Programs

    Retailing - Manager Training Program

    Within the mission and vision of our company, in order to support realizing our growth targets, we organize Manager Training Programs for our stores. In these programs which target career in the retailing sector and are organized for our sales staff, top level training is given to the participants within the program regarding retail store management. At the end of the program, the participants are assigned as Store Sub-Managers. During the training program which takes approximately 6 months, all of the trainings and on-the-job trainings regarding retailing sector are given by professional trainers from internal and external sources to the participants of the program. Our colleagues who comply with the selection criteria determined by our company are included in this program.

    General Management - Newly Graduate Training Program

    Within the ''Newly Graduate Candidate Program'', the candidates to succeed in the tests made on determined dates within the year and in evaluation processes are included in this program. Our candidates who realize the first orientation process via working for 3 months in the stores get the opportunity of observing the store processes in place and accordingly realize their training stages quicker. Later on, via the other orientation process they go through in the Headquarters, they gain experience regarding the departments and work processes in the Headquarters, and accordingly make a more conscious choice regarding the field they will work in via personally attending the general work processes of the company. The candidates who attend the training programs at our Headquarters during the orientation period, are coached by our Human Resources team and as a result of all these consultations, they are placed in the appropriate positions in the Headquarters. Mentors among our managers are assigned for each candidate who is accepted to the program and they play an active role in the development of the candidate and his adaptation to the establishment.

    Our Internship Opportunities

    Aydınlı Group employs a total of 150 students as interns each year. The applications made via attending the career days organized in universities within the year are definitely evaluated within the internship program.

    The students whose internship applications are accepted, in case their performances are high, are evaluated for the vacant positions after graduation and accordingly they have the chance of transforming the internship process into an opportunity for the business life.