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  • The brand of which its foundation was laid by Monsieur Pierre Cardin in France in 1950 has directed the world's fashion with its innovations and extraordinary designs and has become one of the greatest fashion empires. Pierre Cardin reflected to its collections the enthusiasm of the 60s when especially the space researches were concentrated with the ''Space Age'' theme and has been one of the first representatives of the avant-garde and futuristic trend in fashion. Pierre Cardin presented the tights, shoulder pad and maxi coat which still exist in the wardrobes today to the ready wear, and is accepted by the authorities as one of the five most well-known French fashion designers in the world.

    Boutiques of Pierre Cardin were opened in many places of the world after the 1980s from America to China, from England to the Soviet Union, and it did not remain limited to ready wear and increased its recognition as a design brand in fields such as jewelery, perfume, furniture, accessories.

    Year 1993; Pierre Cardin is in Turkey via Aydınlı Group!

    Pierre Cardin entered Turkey in 1993 via a cooperation agreement signed with Aydınlı Group. Production and marketing activities as the first brand included in the group started to be based in Turkey. Pierre Cardin opened its first store in Turkey in 1994.

    Year 2005; Pierre Cardin - Aydınlı Group Strategic Partnership

    Aydınlı Group, which had been successfully performing as the men's ready wear licensor for 12 years, signed the strategic partnership agreement on 27 July 2005 upon the proposal made by Monsieur Pierre Cardin. The group was accordingly entitled to be the licensor of almost 60 product groups in 7 countries with this agreement.

    Year 2016; Present Day of the Pierre Cardin World

    Pierre Cardin is one of the world's most accepted commercial brands via its 900 different product licenses in 140 countries. Pierre Cardin meets its consumers via 11 stores in the world, 74 stores and 21 department stores in Turkey in men's ready wear retailing, and in addition it is represented by Aydınlı Group in almost 60 product groups from carpet to wedding dress, home textile to furniture through international cooperations.

    Pierre Cardin Men's Ready Wear prepares collections that are appreciable in every field of life in Turkey and presents functionality and variety for elegant and stylish gentlemen who care about healthy lifestyle and sports. The brand unites the quality and comfort with its strength and mastership in design and is the pathfinder in fashion for men who are self-confident and socialize with a stylish elegance in every environment.

    Official web site of Pierre Cardin: www.pierrecardin.com.tr