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  • Export

    Aydınlı Group; exports its branded products produced in its production facilities in Turkey for the Pierre Cardin, Cacharel and U.S. Polo Assn. brands via its qualified dealership network abroad and its own country offices to 4 continents today.

    The Group which produces in its own facilities and exports brands has country offices in Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Kazakhstan.

    The main countries to which products are exported other than the ones mentioned above are; Albania, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria. Besides, products are exported to North Africa and Middle East countries too.

    Aydınlı Group brands meet their consumers at big shopping malls and streets where shopping is concentrated in big cities such as St. Petersburg, Moscow, Baku, Astana, Kiev, Sofia, Budapest, Tirana, Mostar, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Ashgabat, Nicosia, Beirut, Bucharest, Tehran, Cairo, Alexandria, Tripoli, Algeria, Abu Dhabi and Casablanca.