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Cacharel was founded by Jean Bousquet in 1962 and started a revolution in fashion with its inevitable rise that started in the mid-1960s, both with its designs and the great innovations it brought to the fashion world.

Bousquet won the Export Oscar 5 years after designing the famous crepe blouse which appeared on the cover of Elle. After this great award, Cacharel found its place on all show windows around the world. Today, it is considered a symbol of elegance, modernism, and the art of elegant dressing around the world.

In addition to its expertise in technology, Cacharel is a strong and distinguished brand in the international arena with its integrated production facilities and sales points in the world's best shopping malls and streets.

Year 1995; Cacharel and Aydınlı Group cross paths

Cacharel has been continuing its operations as a brand of Aydınlı Group, which it joined in 1995, in 17 counties for 25 years.

Aydınlı Group owns the brand rights in ready-made clothing for men in Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syrian, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Lebanon.

Today, Aydınlı Group offers Cacharel’s collections to fashion enthusiasts with 23 stores in Turkey and 31 stores abroad.

Official web site of Cacharel : www.cacharel.com.tr