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Pierre Cardin


Founded by Monsieur Pierre Cardin in France in 1950, the brand has become one of the greatest fashion empires of all time, giving direction to world fashion with its innovations and unusual designs. Pierre Cardin, who reflected the enthusiasm of the period with the theme "Space Age" in his collections, especially in the 60s when space research was gaining pace, is one of the first representatives of the avant-garde and futuristic movement in fashion. Pierre Cardin, who presented leggings, shoulder pads, and maxi coats to ready-made clothing to the fashion industry, which still keep their place in wardrobes today, is considered by authorities as one of the five best-known French fashion designers on earth.

After the 1980s, Pierre Cardin opened boutiques in many parts of the world, from the US to China, from the UK to the Soviet Union, and gained even more popularity as a design brand not in clothing, but also in areas such as jewelry, perfume, furniture, and accessories.

Year 1993; Pierre Cardin entered Turkey with Aydınlı Group!

In 1993, Pierre Cardin was introduced to Turkey with the collaboration agreement signed with Aydınlı Group. As the first brand joined Aydınlı Group, the brand's production and marketing activities were now carried out from Turkey. Pierre Cardin opened its first store in Turkey in 1994.

Year 2005; Pierre Cardin - Aydınlı Group Strategic Partnership

Having operated as the men's ready-made clothing licensee of the brand for 12 years, Aydınlı Group signed a strategic partnership agreement on 27 July 2005 upon the offer from Monsieur Pierre Cardin. The Group acquired the licensee rights of almost 60 product groups in 7 countries with this agreement.

Pierre Cardin World Today

Pierre Cardin is one of the most widely accepted commercial brands of the world with 900 different product licenses in 140 countries. The brand offers ready-made clothing collections for men and women with 105 stores in Turkey and 19 stores abroad. Additionally, the brand is represented by Aydınlı Group in close to 60 product groups from carpets to wedding gowns, from home textiles to furniture thanks to international collaborations.

Pierre Cardin creates collections offering functionality and diversity for stylish gentlemen who are interested in healthy lifestyle and sports, and confident, strong, and unique women in Turkey. Pierre Cardin is the guide to fashion for those who are confident and socialize with a noticeable elegance in every environment, combining quality and comfort with strength and mastery in design.

Official web site of Pierre Cardin : www.pierrecardin.com.tr