Core Values


  • Acting with fairness, honesty, and respect for beliefs and differences,
  • Being humble, tolerant, and helpful,
  • Being flexible, quick, and situational by considering the priorities,
  • Avoiding being afraid of making mistakes, learning from our mistakes, and to consulting with relevant shareholders in our operations,
  • Making decisions by considering emotions and using scientific methods and objective data at the same time,
  • Using technology effectively to work in an easier, faster, and smarter way,
  • Designing, implementing, and documenting processes and systems based on a business model where operations can be carried out independently of individuals and corporate knowledge is produced, improved, and saved in corporate memory,
  • Being Customer-, Employee-, Shareholder-, and Supplier-oriented,
  • Ensuring compliance with legal and ethical rules,
  • Working with experts in all operations,
  • Aiming at continuous improvement and development by setting measurable goals worth achieving,
  • Showing maximum to complete the task and the achieve the goals without giving up or making excuses,
  • Thinking positively, in good faith, and without prejudices to solve problems directly with relevant people instead of third parties,
  • Using time and facilities efficiently and avoiding wastage,
  • Viewing the workplace not only as a working environment, but as a living space and to contributing to the country and the humanity as a member of the AYDINLI Grup family.