Quality Policy


The quality policy developed by our Senior Management to explain our quality approach and our goals to our employees, customers, and suppliers contains the following principles.

  • To self-assess our business processes to adopt a regulatory approach to improve our performance and processes.
  • To ensure continuous improvement and development with measurable goals that are worth achieving with involvement of all our employees by keeping up with the ever-changing world conditions.
  • To establish trust-based partnerships with our suppliers.
  • To become a renowned organization, a leader in the fashion retail industry with the quality of the products we offer to our customers, and a company that respects and does not harm human health and environment.
  • To motivate our employees and to contribute to their personal development through continuous training in order to ensure they become more competent individuals who use their skills at the highest level possible.

We aim to constantly improve all of our processes and meet existing and future expectations of our customers by ensuring that our quality policy is adopted and implemented by our employees.