OHS and Environmental Policy


  • Embrace and effectively implement the understanding of Quality, Environment, and Occupational Health and Safety management systems within the framework of national and international standards and legal obligations,
  • Exceed the expectations of our customers and all stakeholders in the products and services we offer by closely monitoring technological advancements and maximizing customer satisfaction,
  • Continuously improve the Quality, Environment, and Occupational Health and Safety management systems, as well as energy performance, in line with our Policy, Objectives, and Targets,
  • Raise awareness among all our employees and customers about energy efficiency to protect the environment,
  • Take continuous improvement measures with a team spirit approach, risk analyses, and periodic audits within the context of the Integrated Management System,
  • Enhance our efficiency and speed to ensure our products and services are of high quality and cost-effective,
  • Resolve potential problems swiftly and economically,
  • Consider the interests of our country, customers, and employees,
  • Develop and sustain our employees' awareness in quality, energy, environment, and occupational health and safety,
  • Improve awareness, knowledge, and practices in the areas of occupational health and safety and environmental protection and implement preventive measures,
  • Develop and improve our corporate and joint processes with stakeholders in line with evolving conditions and expectations,
  • Procure all necessary resources to ensure the continuity of our quality and utilize these resources while preserving the environment,
  • Conduct innovative activities aimed at the development of our employees, both socially and technically,
  • Comply with legal requirements, national, and international standards, and protect the environment in our wastewater treatment processes,
  • Efficiently use resources in our wastewater treatment processes to preserve nature and prevent pollution,
  • Provide continuous training, motivation, and awareness about Quality, Environment, and Occupational Health and Safety to all our employees,
  • Eliminate or reduce risks related to Occupational Health and Safety practices,
  • Ensure necessary measures are taken and applied during potential emergency situations,
  • Become an exemplary institution in terms of Occupational Health and Safety practices,
  • Provide appropriate conditions for the participation and consultation of our employees and their representatives,
  • Create a safe, healthy, and efficient working environment in our Quality, Environment, and Occupational Health and Safety management system activities, continuously improve and develop performance.