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  • Our Values

    • Being fair, honest, respectful towards beliefs and differences,
    • Being modest, tolerant and helpful,
    • Behaving flexible, fast and situational taking into consideration the priorities,
    • Not being afraid of making mistakes, learning lessons from mistakes but not doing anything without consultation,
    • Taking emotions into consideration but deciding based on scientific methods and objective data,
    • Using technology effectively in order to facilitate, accelerate works and doing smart works,
    • Establishing, carrying out and writing down the processes and systems in a work model that can be maintained without depending on individuals, in which corporate information is produced, developed and earned to the corporate memory,
    • Being Customer, Employee, Shareholder and Supplier focused,
    • Complying with legal and ethical rules,
    • Employing qualified persons,
    • Not being contended with the available based on the motto ''Is there more?'', putting measurable targets worth succeeding and targeting continuous improvement and development,
    • Not giving up on targets, not being afraid of difficulties, believing, persevering and striving until succeeding the work,
    • Always taking good intention and positive thinking without prejudice as basis, solving problems via interacting with the responsible persons and not the 3rd persons (without making any gossips),
    • Using the time and opportunities correctly and effectively and not wasting them,
    • Considering the work environment not only as a workplace but also as a living space, being beneficial to the country and the humanity as a member of Aydınlı Family.